Risk Enterprises Added

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I have added a new page to my ongoing projects, Risk Enterprises, a design company that I want to use to output my creations, check it out, I’ll be uploading some logo ideas soon


Microsoft Courier

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]Well it’s a little late in coming but I’ve waited to get all the info possible about the ‘probable’ Microsoft Courier which I am unbelievably excited about. The whole concept along with the UI just looks amazing to me and I think Apple would have to do something fairly extraordinary to top it. I have included the video of the UI below along with some pictures of the device itself.

Microsoft Courier Tablet

The Microsoft Courier Camera

The really special part about this tablet is the screen and pen combination, the pen has three buttons each with a different purpose and the screen is multi-touch capable allowing for an excellent and intuitive UI. I have in fact been looking at a Modbook for university but now I wonder if this is a better option.

’till next time

Sam Owles

Summer Soccer Match Report

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Here is a match report which I have recently written for my Summer Soccer team, it’s just a semi-satirical report to let us pretend we are superstars, .pdf is below:

Match Report 07/11/09

Cool Art

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This is some awesome art that I found on www.grafiticreator.net, really cool graffiti art, I’d love to be able to make stuff like this one day;

Business Card

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This is a design which I came up with for a business card, the example I have used is for a medical practitioner, it has a kiwi feel to it, with a wood background and a paua NZ, as well as pearl lettering.

Business Card

My business card design