The WhalingShip

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Hi all,
Well its been a while but I have been very busy with work and other commitments so I haven’t really had the chance to do amything new, but I am hoping to land a post on TheWhalingShip, which is a Auckland based e-zine which I am very excited about joining. Hopefully I’ll be doing some music reviews, which would be a dream for me.
‘Till next time
Sam Owles


Facebook Art Continued

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So I’ve got the sketch for what I want to do with this Facebook art thing, all that is left now is to translate that into actual Facebook to give it more of a realistic tinge and to make it easier to read.

Facebook Art Sketch

Facebook Art Sketch

As you can see the profile pictures will be black squares and the names will be Jane and John Doe to make sure that no one is implicated within this. I hope to start a little collection soon, with different Facebook features.

It is this kind of project that ITGS has really set me up for becuase I can now effectively recognise the inherent flaws of our web-based society, and the irony is that I am posting this via the web.

Interesting isn’t it.

Sam Owles

Cool Art Idea

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Just had a cool idea for some art, a Facebook Profile page dedicated to the ultimate futility of Facebook itself. It may seem a little far fetched but I have a pen draft ready for scanning and uploading soon, and I’ll be creating an official facebook version of it tomorrow, hopefully it turns out like it has done in my head.

Designers wanted

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Hi again,

Well Risk Enterprises is coming along nicely and I should have at least a front up by Saturday, and I’m looking for talented designers to join me, so if you want to or if you know anyone who may want to join, send me an email on and I’ll see what I can do

IB is Finished

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Hi there,

Its been a while but IB is finally finished and I can get back to what I really enjoy, writing this Blog, doing design work and working on Risk Enterprises, which has been patiently waiting for my attention, unfortunately I have to get back to the less alluring activities like looking for a job, and if anyone has one for me I will eternally grateful to you. Anyway, check back here for more exciting posts, unlike this one.

Sam Owles

New Risk Enterprises Logo Added

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This is another logo possibility which I have come up with for Risk Enterprises, it has more of a natural feel to it and I personally think it would suit R.E better.


Possible Logo

Possible Risk Enterprises Logo



First Risk Enterprises Logo Added

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I have added the first candidate for the Risk Enterprises logo on the R.E page, here is a copy of the image, please go an comment, much appreciated:


Risk Enterprises Logo 1

Risk Enterprises Logo 1